Full-Day Course

What you provide:

– Venue
– Promote and support event capacity
– Appropriate set up for event (Tables, refreshments, check in)
– Audience
– Audio
– Screen or monitor  (appropriate for size of group)
– Water, lunch, coffee
– Power strips for mobile devices  (attendees need to bring their chargers)
– Wi-fi that can handle the capacity of attendees. (this is crucial to the success of the course)
– Lavaliere (for group of 25 or more)

What attendees need to bring:

– An open mind
– Mobile device (iPad, zoom, kindle, or current tablet with Wi-fi)
– This is a digital class and the workbook should be downloaded prior to course. (https://sixfigurehairdresser.com/tools) each attendee is responsible for their own workbook. (we can provide paper workbooks if necessary for additional cost)
– W2 info from previous year
– Know what your service and retail sales were from previous year
– Know your current schedule
– How many vacation days
– Date of last price increase
– Last education attended
– Cosmetology license # and date of renewal (important if you need CEU certificate)

What Six Figure Hairdresser will provide:

– Adapters, PPT, Keynote, tablet
– A great attitude
– The ability to set short and long term goals
– Increased retail sales
– Understanding the sales process and overcoming objectives (soft selling, hard selling, suggestive selling, etc)
– Better understanding on how to do business behind the chair
– How to use technology to enhance clients experience
– How to build a successful cohesive environment
– Change management
– Internal/Sustainable culture shifts
– Continuing education certificate for hours attended (if applicable to state)

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