Be Nice or Else


December 21, 2015

By Winn Claybaugh

This book is the Deluxe Edition to the original.

If you’ve tried it all—being smart, driven, healthy, clever, beautiful, first, fastest—don’t forget the one thing that will give you what you’re really looking for. You know those moments when time stands still and you feel good about yourself and the life you’re living? That’s exactly what “Be Nice” is all about. It’s your natural ability to experience that irresistible sense of joy, freedom, and contentment—anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

Of course, being nice also makes you more likable, looked up to, and sought-after. But the real reason to “Be Nice” is that it is the one thing you can do today, right now, that will make you and anyone around you genuinely happy.

The “Be Nice” revolution does come with a few new rules. For starters, it’s not about being a doormat. You can say “no”—a lot—and still “Be Nice”. You can speak up, be funny, disagree, and even be completely honest (well, almost), and still BE NICE.

Wouldn’t you like to be the one to…
… Inspire others
… Build business
… Defuse anger
… Bring hope
… Heal pain
… Change the world—for the better!

Add “nice” to whatever you’re good at, and watch your relationships flourish, your career skyrocket, and opportunities for happiness and success open up all around you!

Be Nice (Or Else!) is available on Apple Books for$19.99

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